Chemical resistant apron are required to protect workers from contamination in Cleanroom or in any other chemical handling working areas as they are waterproof and anti-chemical. They are made of special coated and laminated ESD fabric with an ESD property on the back.

  • SR: 10e6 – 10e7 ohm/sq
  • Size: 770mm(L) x 620mm(W)

Resistance to chemicals (ISO6530-1990)

  • Sulfuric acid: 94.5%
  • Hydrochloric ¬†acid: 96.5%
  • Hydrogen peroxide: 98.2%
  • Methanol: 89.3%
  • 50%NaOH: 98.0%
  • Toluene: 91.5%
  • Acetone: 85.6%


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