ESD Microfiber EVA Mat With Adhesive


  • Workstation tabletop for sensitive electronic parts.


  • Smooth and soft surface
  • Cushion for easy grip
  • Good ESD properties
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation with bottom adhesive treatment.



Download the MSDS for Microfiber Fabric with Adhesive

Item Code M23-M-001 M23-M-002 M24-T-001
Description ESD Microfiber EVA Mat ESD Microfiber EVA Mat with Adhesive ESD Fabric Tape
Size(mm, m) 2.5mm x 0.96m x 9.5m 2.7mm x 0.96m x 9.5m 0.2mm x 40mm x 30m
S/R(ohm/sq) Top 10e6 +/- 1 10e6 +/- 1 10e6 +/- 1
S/R(ohm/sq) Bottom 10e5 +/- 1 10e5 +/- 1 10e7 +/- 1
Hardness (HS)  41   (KS M 6518: 2006, Type A)
Frictional coefficient 0.754 (KS M ISO 8295: 2006) – Statical friction 0.684 (KS M ISO 8295: 2006) – Dynamic friction


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