ESD Antifatigue Mat

ESD Antifatigue Mats are suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces where the long-standing jobs are frequently required; it helps reduce individual workers’ fatigue. Round shape rugged surface provides a finger-pressure therapy effect on feet, the PU material used as a cushion helps to release stress on legs as well.

ESD Antifatigue Mats are available with 3 types by theirs materials used Type A and E are made of conductive NBR(Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber) and soft PU(Polyurethane) sponge, Type B is made of 100% PU material, and Type C and D(Interlocking design) are made of 100% conductive NBR.


Down load the MSDS for ESD Antifatigue Mats


Part Number Color Weight/mat Thickness Size/mat Electrical Constructions
M15-M-001 Brown, Grey 27kgs 8mm 100cm x 10m 10e7 ~ 10e8 Foamed PVC + ESD Agent
M15-M-002 Black 3.4kgs 16mm 60cm x 90cm 10e5 ~ 10e6 Conductive NBR +
  High Elastic PU Foam
M15-M-003 Black 2.1kgs 16mm 45cm x 60cm 10e5 ~ 10e6 Conductive NBR
M15-M-004 Black 2.7kgs 16mm 60cm x 90cm 10e5 ~ 10e6 Conductive NBR


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