Part Number Type Ǿ Color Weight Length HV
KW101-28Ivory Coated Pipe 28mm Ivory 725g/m 4m 90
KW101-28BL Coated Pipe 28mm Blue 725g/m 4m 90
KW101-28GY Coated Pipe 28mm Gray 725g/m 4m 90
KW101-28BK-ESD Coated ESD 28mm Black 725g/m 4m 90
KW101-28ESD IV Coated ESD 28mm Ivory / Black 725g/m 4m 90
KW101-28FL-ESD Coated ESD Flat 28mm Black 745g/m 4m 90
KW101-28SL Coated 28mm Ivory 705g/m 4m 90






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