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* Tinned Copper Bus Bar Wire

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Bus bars are a bar, strip or tube of conductive metal, usually copper but may also be brass or aluminum, commonly used in switchboards, substations, battery banks or distribution boards as a convenient and cost saving way of distributing electricity to a number of outgoing feeders. These feeders are generally made of tinned copper bus bar wire.

Various AWG Conductor Sizes

With a choice of quality and affordable tinned copper bus bar wire in various AWG conductor sizes, we are sure to have exactly the right one to suit your requirements but a chat with our team of wiring and cabling experts will make sure of this for you. We also offers a value added service for customized jobs such as odd lengths (we can cut wire to any length and spool it for no additional charge), specific configurations and one off purpose built jobs. We’ll even cut, strip and twist your wire for you then ship it out the same day you order it because we know it was needed yesterday.


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